App Programming

Developing Apps

SGS has been creating mobile software of any kind for over a decade: mobile marketing apps, social community applications, mobile enterprise solutions, apps for the IoT (Internet of Things) sector and many more. We are working with large international companies as well as smaller start-ups from all over the globe.

We build apps for all key platforms: iOS, Android, Windows phone and tablet, HTML5 and even Java ME. Depending on our customers' goals, we choose the best technology to achieve them. When it comes to hardware, we realise software for well-known devices like smartphones and tablets, but of course we also create smartwatch apps and software for smart glasses or IoT devices.

By applying agile methods like Scrum and Kanban we assure maximum transparency towards the customer. They are able to receive and try intermediate releases as we are developing the app. This makes it also easy to implement change requests and react to external changes, e.g. OS releases. And it guarantees total cost control.

But we do not limit ourselves to doing only coding and QA. As a full-service agency we also assist in creating strategies that work, app concepts that rock and designs that combine beautiful interfaces with best possible user experience. Of course we can also take care of the appstore submission, maintenance, usage and feedback monitoring and the implementation of further features for subsequent releases.

Full Service: From Idea To Launch

No matterif you already have a finalized app concept or just a rough idea: We will be happy to assist you and turn it into a successful product.

Strategy Consulting

The multitude of mobile operating systems and technologies makes it necessary to carefully take into account all aspects like user experience, market reach, costs and a lot more. Our experienced, multi-disciplinary team will define, together with you, an individual strategy that helps you reaching your goals by using the best fitting technologies.  

Concept & Design

A well-designed user interface (UI) is one of the most relevant success factors for a mobile app these days. The challenge lies in combining innovative, beautiful designs with intuitive usage concepts. Our team of designers, consultants and developers creates concepts for apps that do not only look good, but are also easily and intuitively used.


We are coders first and foremost. We enjoy creating great software- no matter if it is done natively or based on cross-platform technologies like HTML5. Techniques like pair programming and test-driven development are parts of how we develop software. Our internal QA will assure that your app works consistently on all target devices and also under critical circumstances by applying professional testing techniques.

Launch & Maintenance

If required we take care of the App Store submissions and make sure that your app is presented in an appropriate way. We can also take care of feedback and usage monitoring and of implementing new features for further releases.