App Coaching

App Coaching

There are multiple reasons why app projects go off track: deadline pressure, changing requirements, unclear coding guidelines and communication issues are just some of them. We can help eliminating these issues by creating structures and introducing tools and practices that re-establish a productive project environment.

We also help companies entering the app business and assist them in establishing their own development teams.

Our Coaching Services

Building up App Development Units

Many companies have realized that mobile apps are an integral part of their business and therefore have decided to establish in-house app development teams. During this process it can be a huge help to have an experienced partner at your side.


Yes!, software development needs creativity. But it also needs technical and methodological skills. We offer in-house training for developers, concept designers and project managers. Our experienced engineers teach your team areas like continuous integration, app testing, debugging or clean coding. Of course these courses can be individually tailored to the individual challenges your team is facing.

Code Review & Coding Guidelines

High-quality source code is the foundation of a successful app project. It has to be readable and well structured to make de-bugging as easy as possible and to lower the entry barriers for new developers joining the project. The codebase should also be easily adjustable to new devices, OS versions and customer requirements.

Our engineers examine the code together with the responsible developers and fix the problems collaboratively. We also help define and establish coding guidelines that assure a high code quality in the long run.

Process Optimization

An agile approach is essential when working in the dynamic, ever-changing mobile market. Open Communication, clear roles and realistic goals are other key ingredients to make the team work as one. 

We take care that your company provides a working environment where everyone feels comfortable and projects are finished successfully and on time. 

Our free Handbook for App Developers, Designers and Managers

It summarizes everything you need to know to get started in the app business. The current 16th edition was published in February 2016. 20 international experts share the basics of app development and app marketing. It is available for free as a hardcopy, pdf and ebook.